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Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal tejar the same letter this week Google, which indicate whether requirements have not been allowed in the case of individuals and businesses from the wireless network to collect data. Blumenthal tejar in a letter to Google, said the attorneys letter, Google must provide all the network from Connecticut, and use of information obtained more records. Google admitted in May of this year, the companys mapping service in the past few years has been from the open Wi-Fi network to collect information, which may include the Internet users e-mail messages and passwords. Blumenthal tejar said in its statement: "Through unprotected wireless network to collect data caused us great distress, it is likely to be a violation of privacy. My office will carefully evaluate Google if it is the company violated the relevant law. "At the same time, Google said the company would fully cooperate with the investigation authorities. Google company spokesman Christian Thompson - Chen said in an emailed statement: "We will continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities to answer relevant questions and to dispel their fears."
Analogix is still the first area to get involved for the line of work Yang ] ] "communication." Silicon Valley in 2002, a time when the economy is low tide. But Yang can be found at times of economic downturn can also become opportunities for startups. "In the past when the market is good, operators are willing to spend money to update equipment, but the economy is bad, they began to consider for saving." With experience in communications and technology, Silicon Valley became the first digital-analog vendors can high-speed interface chip companies. Silicon Valley digital-analog chip design, you can upgrade an ordinary copper wire transfer data four times the speed of 10Gbps per second, can save companies 90% of the cost. With technology, Silicon Valley, got a few successful venture capital model, "the quarter, only two companies in Silicon Valley to get venture capital, we are one of them." Yang can be recalled. Analogix is technically successful, the chip has entered the Cisco, Lucent, the big customers of these communications, but Yang can not but face a harsh reality: communication terminal market is huge, but the more upward migration, The more narrow market. "Back of thousands of phone service user is actually a switch," For such a market as Analogix business only in the operating room of the chip design companies, the scale is not enough support, it is difficult to develop. Yang may wish to seek opportunities in the consumer electronics field, when he discovered the HDMI.

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