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T6 base in Shanghai, the first application of the system, GENIUS again the information system successfully copied to Hefei, Panjin and other production bases and production bases are integrated in all GENIUS unified management system, making real-time understanding of the situation around the production and marketing possible. To improve the management of enterprise-wide level, from the basics, storage management, and standardized coding materials are indispensable. Of the modern enterprise storage management is the key to logistics management, production can not only smooth, but also for enterprises to effectively reduce inventory footprint, save costs, the management of modern enterprise storage requirements have been debit from a static to a dynamic property management changes in the cost of service management. At the same time, but also a clear and accurate material information from the start, an effective coding system of functional materials can be measured in addition to the standardization of enterprise material management, but also can reduce the complexity of materials management, and all this by hand if relying solely on management can not be realized.
The introduction of the Chinese government leading CDMA system can be described as well-intentioned. The main consideration and motivation in general as follows: First, national security and long-term interests, Chinas mobile communication is difficult to imagine just based on the GSM and W-CDMA single technology platform. Secondly, the Chinese domestic enterprises is not yet mastered the core technology, the lack of large-scale case of industrial products, is facing the start of the GSM market; So whether it is from the past, present and future judge, the domestic telecommunications industry in particular ethnic communication manufacturers in the GSM and W-CDMA technology platform did not have would not be realistic, with foreign firms equal opportunity to compete. The development of China-made GSM equipment for many years, but the market share is still insignificant: 10% of the base station, the switch is only 12%. In sharp contrast: In May 2001 a tender of China Unicom CDMA, ZTE to complete independent research and development, its own brand of CDMA equipment bid, in one fell swoop have 10 provinces, 110 million lines of equipment contracts.

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