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2SK2765 Datasheet | Fuji Electric
Part No. : 2SK2765
Description : N-channel MOS-FET
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Fuji Electric
File Size : 328 Kb

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However, in time to add these security considerations, in some cases, will bring performance, such as CDP technology, and with the RAID5 and RAID6 parity Nengli etc.; to achieve these functions, the inevitable need to take processing time , or the extra storage space occupied; some extent, security and storage may be conflicts, but with the software and hardware technology continues to develop and improve, this conflict will be gradually reduced, or the design of specialized equipment to complete, such as RAID5 and RAID6 for a dedicated RAID on the accelerator, and not all of the applications are unlimited demand on the performance. As long as an acceptable level, to ensure the users data security and ensure the reliability of user data to meet the needs of users, is the real king.
Any one change will be to spread the impact of different forms, either a stone or a river in the universe, the stellar explosion, a year ago, 3G licensing in China is also a profound impact on the mobile Internet industry. On the one hand, 3G networks enable mobile Internet-related business value-added services completely free from the embarrassment, has become a "mainstream" as well. On the other hand, the evolution of technology so that criminal elements have the same profit-making space, the proliferation of mobile phones use a small number of site users, spread obscene information and even undesirable. Therefore, to create green, healthy and civilized cultural environment of mobile Internet and protect the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet, clear the bad information, protect the healthy growth of minors has become a common call. Previously, CCTV "Focus", "Weekly Quality Report" and other columns have aired a series of mobile Internet, "Jurisprudence Biography yellow" story. Reports indicate that Internet access through mobile phones, users can easily access to inappropriate web sites or download content, the harm is particularly acute for young people in strong social repercussions, operators began to move quickly. However, it seems more people in the industry, the network spread pornography, not just a moral issue, which is precisely reflected behind the lack of mobile Internet business model weaknesses.

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