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2.3.3 v $ recover_file and v $ recovery_log These are two dynamic performance view, you can mount to view through the two views, you can learn more of the need to restore the data files and the need to archive logs. We all know, online log into the current online log and non-current online log, the log of non-current on-line damage is relatively simple, usually by clear command to solve the problem. Todays IT-related security is an important topic in the headlines. Often the system vulnerabilities and security patches and virus and worm is a computer for each person are familiar with the term. Because almost every computer system are connected to another computer or connect to the Internet, thus ensuring the security of these computers for less intrusion, data theft or loss, misuse or liability to third parties is crucial. To ensure safety even if not connected to the network for independent computer is also very important. From a trusted source to install the application, such as a proven and checked the virus disc. The application data must also be equally careful. For example, you can perform powerful macro language, or illegal data into software packages, the software bug may be exploited to execute arbitrary code. Therefore, the application data must be copied to the computer before the integrity check. The data can be placed in a safe place to control access to the system.
2007 is the industry information, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" implemented a year, and the software industry is a key industry Eleventh Five-Year, Eleventh Five-Year period, Chinas self-knowledge industry operating systems, middleware technologies such as product development and have made great progress using. Experts said that as the domestic software enterprises generally small, the emphasis needs to be improved software, software quality problems led to large-scale domestic software users still do not feel the confidence and patience, it has yet to be made to improve software quality. It is based on this understanding, the Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center at December 8, 2006 held the first annual meeting of software quality. Designed to improve software quality, training, the competitiveness of enterprises, and promote Chinas software industry.

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