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Part No. : 2SK2103
Description : Small switching (30V, 2A)
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Rohm
File Size : 128 Kb

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TOP500.org today announced the global supercomputer 31st Report, formally declared the era of the industry into PFlops from TFlops quadrillion operations per second. In the latest ranking is the highest in the first month just completed the IBM Roadrunner, placed in the United States Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory, the IBM PowerXCell 3.2GHz and AMD Opteron DC 1.8GHz processor composed of two, with 122,400 computing core, the highest performance 1.026PFlops, peak performance 1.37578PFlops, power 2345.5 one thousand watts. In the United States Department of Energys Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratorys IBM Blue Gene / L starting from November 2004 to occupy the first seat row eight, the last step down, the performance of its 478.2TFlops Roadrunner is now less than half. Another set of IBM Blue Gene / P rose to third from fifth, performance 450.3TFlops, resettlement in the United States Department of Energys Argonne National Laboratory. In this way, the top three all-IBM to create, and are all U.S. national laboratories. In addition, in the sixth and ninth are also Blue Gene / P.
IDC denied the claim. The system software company, said analyst Brett Waldman: unit shipment tracking, is the IDC analysis of publicly available financial information, visit the software vendors, and through the demand side of IDC research, cross over the result of the information on competitors. We visit the 2,500 people in 35 countries, asking them about the status of production applications, this may be contained in a few months before launch, theres Hyper-V beta version to use. When asked about this study and previous studies is the difference between, Waldman said: This is one of every six months, we have exactly the same practices and the last. Analysts said a reporter asked what went wrong in the process, Malekzadeh said he did not know, and said: I will ask IDC the question: Who sponsored the survey? Malekzadeh do not want to say so, saying only that: you ask them.

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