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Bulbs from the date of sale and use within 12 months time is not over 1,000 hours of warranty; Other features of todays projectors use the highest technology - Colorful Technology. Colorful technology BrilliantColor technology, developed by Liu Duan Lenovo Bright color wheel technology and OSRAMs "excellent Li" source technology components. BrilliantColor technology, the DLP out there some of the images of their own problems. The vivid colors have been effectively release and restore. Icing on the cake for the new Lenovo. From a technical application point of view, the ultimate color? DLP technology is in the existing technology can provide vivid colors, the all-new color-processing technology has been strong at the same time to provide up to six colors of processing power, greatly increased the degree of the projector, vivid colors. The 3 color processing beyond the technology to further enable customers to realize even more powerful effects of images and visual experience; use ORSAM with "excellent Li" technology of the professional projector bulbs, according to the color of the need to edit the electronic pulse and waveform automatically adjust the color temperature and grayscale, improved brightness and color resolution; Liuduan Bright color wheel, by increasing the intermediate color, make the image more realistic colorful

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