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Part No. : 2SC5200
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Specific parameters, DRU-V200A / S has a 2MB cache, support for 20 DVD  R write, 12 DVD + R DL write, 8 DVD-R DL write, 8 DVD + RW replication, 6 DVD-RW replication, and 12 DVD-RAM; CD to support 48 CD-R write, and 32 CD-RW replication. But behind the seemingly little difference in the parameters, due to a series of technical support, the Sony DRU-V200A / S even better performance. Google launched, including development kits, including the full version of desktop search software, the software also supports the Firefox and Netscape browsers. Google on Monday released a new PC software can search Microsoft Office documents, pictures, e-mail and IE pages. This software is released the public beta for almost 5 months, can now search for video and audio files, PDF files, and can include the Firefox browser, including three search history.
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