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1. Information Security: With virtualization, application server, centrally located in the background, the client can only crawl to the client and the application of centralized management and implementation of information security; Autodesks media and entertainment sector, including the film specifically for the visual the majority of professional artists, including providing cutting-edge media creation, and efficient design tool. The award-winning media and entertainment solutions are designed for digital media production, management and delivery of design, comprehensive coverage from the film special effects, color grading, animation editing, game development and design visualization and all other areas. World-renowned visual effects studio universal application of Autodesks visual effects technology for film and television special effects creation, including in 2009 the global release of "Australia", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Frost Nixon" "Ghost" and "operational goals of Hitler" and other popular videos. Tom Cruise went to the battlefield of World War II "Valkyrie"
Adobe business and productivity, senior vice president Rob Tarkoff, said: "Adobes goal is to provide the most effective, most reliable solution to enable secure collaboration and information exchange. We are very pleased to work with McAfee cooperation Joint winner of 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics, Roger. Myerson, Professor in the recent speech, he likes to "This is a best of times, it was the worst of times" as the opening. that the best is because face more opportunities and choices that the worst is that the accumulation of some bad elements into todays financial crisis hit all over the world. If the eyes see in reality, people prefer to "remedy", the financial crisis has hidden in the underwater "Reef" emerged, such as rapid changes in the market information business decisions under the extreme shortage of raw material price increases cost control problems, and financial chain too tight, etc., and this dose is management accounting.

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