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Typically, the goal is to restore the recovery mode with the selected business needs and operations to reach a compromise between the needs. For example, if the database is not mission critical and 24X7-type, then stop for some time and lose some data may be acceptable for the media errors, re-type the data also may be an acceptable method. What kind of recovery depends on the available backups and the available logs, sometimes in addition may have no choice but do not fully recovered. There are two types of DB2 logging, logging methods support each specific recovery options. These two types of log record is circular and archive logging. When you choose to use circular logging, the only option is to perform an offline backup and version recovery. If you choose to use the archive log records and perform an online backup and roll forward recovery, you can revert to the minimum loss of data that point in time, or back to the end of the log of the time.
In the backbone or the logical channel by dividing the VPN to isolate the different business, complemented by security access control function, ensure that all business systems, at all levels of interfering networks, enhance data communications security. Network administrators can set the image of security needs, policy management center automatically configure the policy and the policy downloaded to the appropriate network devices. In order to avoid government wide area network within the network because the data information leakage caused by eavesdropping, it is necessary to encrypt the information transmitted, and only communicate with its peer can decrypt this ciphertext. Through the router to encrypt packets sent, even in the wide area network for transmission, but also to ensure data privacy, integrity and authenticity of the message content. Build VPN using the public network for the case, the data transmission encryption ensures data security through the tunnel. MPLS VPN is a VPN solution to achieve one of the technologies it uses the forward model based on tags, MPLS VPN security features can DDN, but the configuration, management, scheduling more convenient, but also reduce the user access threshold. Time stamp will do and the message logging. At this point, the digital signature will be verified. Verification process will ensure that the message from the sender and the message content is signed by the senders site, so have to verify that the message content has not been tampered with during transmission. Our customers in the DB2 log to create the SOAP message will be used to achieve non-repudiation.

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