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periodic: the main parameters on a weekly basis to define the time frame of a command. Its parameters are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in the combination of one or a few, it can be daily, weekday or weekend. Note: A time range can be only one absolute statement, but there are several periodic statement. Now we look at a few examples. If you would like to express the daily 8 am to 5 pm on the night such a statement can be used: absolute start 8:00 end 17:00 We want to make an access list from January 1, 2003 start work as early as 1:00 until the evening of 31 January 2003 the role of 24-point stop, the statement is as follows: absolute start 1:00 1 January 2003end 24:00 31 January 2003
Prior to that, have included 6 states, including California, requested an extension of term of the settlement agreement. Last month, they request a hearing to extend the settlement agreement effective until 2012. The so-called California group in October 16 submitted a written request. Microsoft spokesman Jack said that the supervision of Microsofts business is not necessary. He said the purpose of the settlement agreement has been reached. Efforts to extend the term of the settlement agreement will face many challenges. U.S. Federal Court Judge Kete Li in the September 11 hearing, said she would consider the request of the Group of California, but she said that any extension of the settlement agreement must have "a clear purpose." Jack said that Microsoft plans to the end of October to submit to the courts response to these state requirements. Court will be held on November 6 the implementation of settlement agreements related to the hearing. Over the years, both inside and outside the company, the Microsoft chairman is always a warm advocate this idea that the computer should not only be controlled by the mouse and keyboard, but also should be a more natural way to control, such as sound, touch and digital ink .

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