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Telecommunications companies from Interwoven content management solution for multiple benefits. In its operation of the market process, not only can the enterprise brand asset management, and regulation of the market, but also more efficient management and implementation of key marketing projects, large-scale expansion of marketing channels. Further, these companies support in the powerful information can be more efficient for new markets, new sectors and new opportunities opening up and development partners. Meanwhile, a strong information support can also enable enterprises to well prepared, always in the market when opportunities arise to make the right first reflected.
Employment orientation: Certified Public Accountants has three main channels of employment: business, accounting firms and government departments and institutions. CPA in the enterprise as the main manager there is, is the necessary basis for modern large-scale enterprises talents. MPAcc: full name Masterof ProfessionalAccounting, Chinese as the "Master of Accounting", usually belonging to the University Business School, side by side under the masters degree and MBA. The basic situation: applicants have to pass the national exam, exam pass are eligible to enter re-examination, re-examination into political and interview in two parts. First test examined in English, financial accounting, the overall quality of three. Learning for the job learning, the use of Saturday, Sunday or evening classes, school system is generally about three years, provided their own school fees, tuition fees, Peking University Guanghua School of Management MPAcc 70000; Tsinghua MPAcc tuition 60000.

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