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Part No. : 2SC2873-Y
Description : Analog IC
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Huawei Femtocell Solution with "easy networking, speed experience" feature, with self-Network planning and optimization of the function to facilitate easy for network operators and users "plug and play"; it is the industrys first IP-clock synchronization UAP mode products, operators can guarantee there is no deployment of 3G macrocell networks where network. Lub architecture with the use of similar products, Huawei Femtocell products using 3GPP and Femto Forum and other international standards organizations to identify the lu architecture to support HSUPA, no macro can be used for regional networks and can seamlessly with the 2G network can be massive commercial deployment, interoperability, scalability, and future evolution so obvious advantages. Femtocell is a leading provider of end to end solutions, Huawei is to enrich the experience to actively promote the global deployment of Femto industry to mature. Huawei in the world, including Vodafone, Telefonica, Germany, TMO, Telecom Italia / TIM, and other world-class telecom operators, launched a test network of more than 20 Femto; and in November 2008, StarHub in Singapore to achieve the worlds first commercial UMTS Femto deployment.
Mobile host in the field through the foreign agent to home agent registration in the home, so that the HA that MN current location, enabling mobility. With mobile IP, IP subnet hosts roaming across. Shown in Figure 1, IP subnets connected to a gateway router next to the FA, FA is responsible for its registration under the wireless segment user authentication. FA continue to send the proxy circular to the local subnet, enter the subnet when the mobile terminal A, the agent receives a broadcast FA, FA to obtain local information registered by the local FA to the HA, after the certification may be authorized to access, access Internet. Terminal moves within the subnet, and constantly monitoring the signal quality AP and FA, obtained through a certain algorithm FA priority of all current and then switching strategy based on the specified switch initiated timely. If you just switch between the same segment of the AP, for which the IP subnet has not changed, do not need to re-register, AP function to support this roaming the second floor. When the terminal segment of the AP in a cross between the switch, which IP subnet is changed, this time through the new FA to be re-registered to the HA to inform the current position, after the HA data will be forwarded to the new location. Mobile IP technology has greatly expanded the coverage of WLAN access solution, providing a wide range of mobility, allowing users to keep moving in the Internet connection. Collaborative approach is the point of the wireless access point signal periodically test frame, the frame through the test network with the wireless device to identify, interact with network management parameters. The time period between the test frame is divided into competitive and non-competition period time, the wireless device can send data without competition time. Because of this communication can not be pre-estimated transmission time and, therefore, distributed collaborative compared to the current is still relatively little used.

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