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In the past 4 years, the main income of space information presented 25-45% of high-speed growth. Meanwhile, the companys network, software and systems integration and computer merchandise sales and other business development speed is gratifying, Aerospace Information 2007 operating income of 4.825 billion yuan, net profit attributable to parent 4.70728 billion yuan, an increase of 06 31.62%, excluding non-recurring net profit of 4.28313 billion profit, up 31.58% over 2006 earnings per share of 1.53 yuan, 1.16 yuan more than 2006s growth of 31.9%. It is obvious that rely on space information like business enterprises to drive growth performance of the turbulence in the stock market remained relatively stable in the state, better protect the interests of investors. For blue chip companies in China, Mr. Cao Fengqi said: The stock market is not as simple finance market, not a speculative market specifically, but should be a healthy investment market, so blue-chip companies should regularly assigned generous dividends. Dividends when investors can get enough from the interests of secondary market swings will be reduced, thereby reducing follow suit-type speculation. Stock price movements of listed companies robust, in turn, again to protect the interests of investors.
Liddell said that Yahoos search market share continued to decline, and reduced profitability. He said: We have yet to see concrete evidence that our bid substantially undervalued the company. In fact, we have also seen the negative evidence. Of course, Yahoos own news conference, also said very bluntly, once again that he would not consider not reflect the fair value of the companys transactions. Liddell complained about the speed of Microsoft, Yahoo extremely slow to respond, he said: We have made it clear that speed is very important. Unfortunately, this deal is the lack of speed. Microsoft is initially open on February 1 this year, the acquisition of intentions, make the stock plus cash of approximately USD 31 per share price tag, Yahoo rejected the price is too low. Since then, Yahoo has been looking for alternative options, including alliances with AOL and Google co-operation with the search advertising test. Liddell reiterated the companys ultimatum to Yahoo under the same, and again urged Yahoos decision as soon as possible. He said: Unless there is progress and Yahoo, we will reconsider our choice. Including direct appeal to Yahoo shareholders, or simply give up. If the latter, Liddell said Microsoft could spend on other acquisitions, or to enhance their online business.

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