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At the same time, PC manufacturers are providing network connectivity, software installation, operation and maintenance, repair, and many other services, including the ability to meet the business development process of adding network devices, the purchase needs of the overall solution, the procurement of computer users in small and medium enterprises, also should be taken into account. In this context, brand manufacturers to have a natural advantage. For example, Jing Ding C TCL launched the Star messenger "caring service, professional skills, rapid response" and other five-star service guarantee, the same side the new super-Yang also provide 3-year warranty, 3 years of perfect service standards site, eliminating the corporate purchase to worry about. Procurement of high tide in spring 2007 has come, the major PC manufacturers have introduced the new products tailored for SMEs, which have a procurement plan for SMEs is good news. Faced with more choices, small and medium enterprises according to their own situation, the so-called rational analysis of the hot products on the market is right for you, apply the old saying, "not the most expensive, but for the best" is the rational consumption, only the more consideration, and comparing, more measured, can we "buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind."
So, this time particularly the transformation of the same route as in the vast land of China is quickly cooked up as a torrent. In this regard, the largest logistics supply chain management software vendors Brocade Chairman and Shen Kang said information: Business development is faced with a lot of pressure, development of core competence several changes. Market share from 70 to 80 years of product development quality and low cost, to the 90s customer relationships. And it is the supply chain competition. Is accompanied by the development of logistics strategy. SMEs are currently no cash is king, so do not let the hands of the funding strand breaks, learn to reflect on what to do in winter to the enterprise, what to do. When the economy is a lot of small and medium enterprises engaged in production, no time to take into account the production and management issues outside. And this time, just to let small business owners have to think about the development of enterprises, optimize the supply chain inefficiencies, irregularities and high costs. SE150 can support 150 registered users, with 16 party conferencing, you can also plug 8FXS board as needed, 8FXO board and the E1 board. SE150 with powerful and cost-effective features, not only with IP-PBX and VOIP gateway functionality, IVR and ACD also has features such as call centers. SE150 deployed in a public network, and has a fixed IP address. So that staff can travel anywhere up to the provinces through the soft phone on the companys SE150 call. PSTN side of the phone call, each internal extension number and line number-one correspondence;

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