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New benchmark for low-carbon of the two: the backup virtualization disaster recovery process in the "low carbon" information technology is the key point in the business integration, reduce the number of servers, reduce costs and energy saving. Branch of the solution is to use the same virtual machine virtualization, will integrate the business and improve the efficiency of data backup. Migration and real-time virtualization technology enables the business "zero" pause, business systems close to "zero" downtime. Through the implementation of virtualization technology, can achieve non-disruptive capacity on demand, on-demand automatic resource allocation, can dynamically improve system management efficiency. Intelligent power management through the implementation of virtualization also allows the system more energy efficient. Or that this is in fact the prevailing concept of data centralization change again, this is not only the development of IT technology trends, business or organization with the times is to improve the management level of the necessary requirement. And the use of this technology will be deployed in the disaster recovery server virtualization platform, which is equivalent to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide disaster recovery server, the environmental contribution to the self-evident.
Motherboard provides four DIMM slots support dual-channel DDR2 800/667 memory, maximum support 8.0GB. Provides two PCI-Ex16 graphics card slot, support dual x8 mode for SLI, a PCIE_1X + card slot, three PCI slots, eight USB interface, support 4 SATAI II hard disk data interface. PCI slot in a yellow slot, that is, Topstar unique "Topstar Digital PCI", Topstar Digital PCI slot is a proprietary technology, excellent performance in many motherboards have used before, Its principle is the second PCI slot is added to strengthen the stability of the circuit, suitable for ultra-long-term use of high-end PCI devices. Topstar T-P35G Motherboard integrated in the external hard card, using a RTL8111B PCIE Gigabit Ethernet chips and provide support, provide high-speed data transfer rate, heat is relatively small. 7.1 channel HD Audio onboard sound card. And has BIOS write protection, pre-invasion resistance function. I / O interface part, Topstar T-P35G provides the D-Bug indicator lights and the Clear CMOS switch, the user can easily understand the need to open the chassis motherboard, and timely aware of the system and remove the fault where the CMOS settings.

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