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CompTIA vice president of research Tim Herbert, said: "In the past year mid-term global economic downturn, IT industry, the situation is relatively good. And this study gives us another signal is issued next year, the status of IT industry, certainly better than many other industries. "C. Richard Harrison will serve as Executive Chairman; successor of the PTC began in October 2010, announced today that President and Chief Operating Officer James E. Heppelmann will be October 1, 2010 to succeed C. Richard Harrison as PTC CEO, Harrison appointed as Executive Chairman. Heppelmann will be CEO and president of the identity directly to the Board. Harrison said: "As the implementation of the strategic management team member, Heppelmann is a very good leader, he is PTC and its customers, shareholders, employees and create significant value. Heppelmann engineers have the background, a few can understand customer demand for talent is one of the industry with its unique vision, passion for technology and excellent leadership qualities, he will lead the company developed to provide significant business value solutions. I think Heppelmann PTC and take advantage of leading companies resources, the best candidate. "
JB HiFis Browning is one of Australias most experienced CE retail market, one level, he said, the two high-definition formats will survive, while the content is important. "Paramount, Universal and DreamWorks movie studios such crucial. I believe that more content providers to join HD DVD camp, Microsoft is a supporter of HD DVD format, they will introduce built-in HD DVD drive XBOX 360, which is already established. " In JB Hi-Fis Web site, CEO Richard Uechtritz said they decided not to change lightly, but after the research industrys response to trends. "Decision is not irreversible, because the situation has changed," Uechtritz said he also said that in Australia, BD player sales are still in the lead, only in the United States and Europe, HD DVD player only advantage.

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