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In this paper, the concept of authentication and authorization for the two different interpretations. Authentication is verifying the users identity; authorization is to allow users to do. In this article, the verification process in SQL Server when the user logs on the emergence of the authorization process in the user attempts to access data or execute commands when. Security policy constructed the first step is to determine which way SQL Server authentication user. SQL Server authentication is to a group of accounts, passwords, and Master Database Sysxlogins table a list of matches. Windows NT/2000 authentication is the domain controller checks the user requests the identity of legitimacy. In general, if the server can access the domain controller, we should use the Windows NT/2000 authentication. Win2K Server domain controller can also be a NT server. In either case, SQL Server have received an access tag. Access token is constructed in the verification process of a special list, which contains the users SID and a range of user groups where the SID. As described later in this article, SQL Server to which access is granted based on SID. Note that the operating system how to construct the access token is not important, SQL Server only access tag SID. In other words, whether you use the SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7.0, Win2K or NT does not matter to verify the results are the same.
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