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24LC08 Datasheet | Ceramate Technical
Part No. : 24LC08
Description : 8K-Bit Serial EEPROM
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Page Number : 23
Manufacturer : Ceramate Technical
File Size : 398 Kb

24LC08 Article About

Building configuration ... Current configuration: 12533 bytes Last configuration change at 10:20:11 UTC Tue Sep 9 2003 NVRAM config last updated at 10:23:28 UTC Tue Sep 9 2003 service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime no service password-encryption logging buffered 4096 debugging memory-size iomem 10 ip host R1.com ip host R2.com ip host caserver ip audit po max-events 100 crypto ca identity caserver enrollment url / certsrv / mscep / mscep.dll crypto ca certificate chain caserver certificate 6559755A000000000014 30820349 30820231 A0030201 02020A65 59755A00 00000000 14300D06 092A8648
Storage, the standard 146GB hard drive provides maximum support 2.4TB SAS hard drives, 8 physical SAS controller that supports hot-swap, SAS vs Ultra320 SCSI hard drive, the transmission rate 6 times higher than on. Integrated RAID -0, -1, -10 model, comes standard with a ServeRaid 8k array of cards, can support up to RAID 5 mode. Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, dual Gigabit Ethernet networking load balancing, you can provide a stable network bandwidth. The model provides 6 I / O expansion slots, cooling, cooling fan system consists of three components, comes standard with a 835W power supply.

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