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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Second, the supervision of director of trade transactions. "Monitoring Standards" Article 16, for the following transactions, director of the existence of supervisors shall supervise the fact that breach of its obligations. These transactions are: competing interests of industry, trade and opposite transaction, the company provided free of charge to the interests of the directors, shareholders and subsidiaries or transactions between the unconventional, self-dealt stock shares or the failure to develop procedures. Third, the supervision of the Board. "Supervision standards" of article 14, paragraph 1, and other relevant resolutions of the Board of Directors means the directors of the decision, supervisors should have recognized the important facts wrong, which means decision-making process is reasonable, meaning the contents of the decision is a violation of law or charter, decision means the contents of the normal business operators is not obvious whether the irrational, which means deciding whether to first consider the interests of the companys requirements, the supervision of the directors to fulfill obligations and fiduciary duties of good management and other legal obligations. If there are violations of these requirements, supervisors should consult with the directors or to its recommendations, to stop it. First, monitoring the independence of the accounting supervisor. "Monitoring Standards" Article 17 provides that supervisors should supervise the accounting supervisor is to maintain their independence, whether as a professional expert in the correct implementation of supervision; the board of supervisors request to the Board that the hiring, dismissal, or no longer employed accounting Supervisor as a general meeting of shareholders subject matter, or can be submitted to the shareholders of the General Assembly appointed the accounting supervisors motion.
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