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Note that we still do not authorize any group or account access to the database. In fact, we can not authorize database access through Enterprise Manager, because the Enterprise Manager user interface only allows us to grant legal access to the database login account. NT account, SQL Server does not require us to set it to database roles, or assign object privileges to access the database before, but the Enter-prise Manager had this restriction. Nevertheless, as long as we are using stored procedures instead of sp_addrolemember Enterprise Manager, can not grant access to the database domain NT account the circumstances assign permissions to any NT account.
This is the Microsoft of this year to expand into the enterprise market, the major changes made. Microsoft has a variety of server software products, and across databases, application servers, business software, systems management products, but the stability, security and other technical factors, so that the richest software company although, in fact, most of the revenue is still to Since Windows and Office, and server operating system, and focus on small and medium business users. Large enterprises are still competitors IBM, Oracle, SAPs world. To this end, Microsoft this year to provide application platform architecture concept. The so-called Application Platform Optimization including interface, business intelligence, SOA and business processes, information management and software development capacity of the five hearts, the company covers almost all products, from the operating system, database, enterprise application integration, Portal, system management, development tool Visual Studio to the front end Windows, Office and Windows Mobile products. In so many different vendors were shouting slogans have been after, Beauparlant that the front end interface, but Microsoft is the biggest difference between competitors. He was referring to Microsoft, Adobe Flash is seen as directed from WPF / E. WPF / E lets developers use Microsoft development languages such as JavaScript through existing or C #, Visual Studio to develop, including the implementation of the desktop client or mobile phone, like Flash animation on the web.

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