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Part No. : 1N914
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Network structure, especially the design of the routing structure, in some special cases, such as the route is unreachable, it will produce large amounts of ICMP Echo Request, this time network intrusion detection system will generate "ICMP Flood" the invasion of information. Some special equipment generates special, abnormal differentiation of data packets, such as load balancing equipment. In some cases, if the sent packets and return packets go through the various links of the device, this time network intrusion detection system will produce intrusion alerts. In a network environment, some applications when the design and implementation defects, such as communication between the Client with the Server in the data transmission protocol, just include network intrusion detection system characteristics of string pattern matching, network intrusion detection system at this time will produce false alarms.
Asus recently introduced the beginning of the cortical surface of the notebook 3 varying degrees of promotion, promotion of three notebook models were U3S, U1, and S6. As the first dual-graphics cards ASUS notebook, U3S uses a combination of the way different materials, engineering materials and natural leather with use. Equipped with Intel Core 2 T7 series dual-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce 8400 and Intel GMA X3100 graphics card for dual-choice, and equipped with 1GB DDRII 667 memory, 160GB hard mass. If the user can lower the October before purchasing this notebook will be well-made leather version ASUS HDD 80GB one.

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