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Part No. : 1N5401
Description : Replacement with:S3V10/P300B/1N5401G
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Product is the survival of our service is the source of development, products and services are the core competitiveness of Granville, as the technology of the two main themes. Based on this, Granville 2005, as the technology to do more determined commitment to NSM. Granville Technology made to do "NSM Network Security Manager," the goal, in addition to technology-based Granville strong technical force, also based on prestige and authority of the firewall intrusion detection and stable product quality, and "Dandelion" security support services platform with strong support . Granville Technology, Inc. now has the authority from Fast to Gigabit intrusion detection system, firewall and prestige of the two series of products. "Dandelion" security technology platform to support creation of a large number of vendors expected to support model to provide technical support for the first time, sales support and service platforms. "Dandelion" security technology support system to the competition of network security technology into the core services from the system of competition. Despite being a game console, PSP also supports music and movies. But it does not support the iTunes music format, which means that PocketMac software can only handle MP3 files, and can not handle songs purchased from the iTunes files. Users can download the software from PocketMac, the price is $ 9.95. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears has become the star of the popular protagonist of the story of a virus cheating, hacking carried out of these big stars for the purpose of "recruitment" to launch Microsoft denial of service attack computers.
According to this idea, Digitals network transformation program will be divided into RDFZ scientific areas within the network, DMZ area region and three different external network security zones. Intranet network using two Digital China DCRS-7515 routing switch as a dual-core, the original 8600 switch as a service group within the network core switch, the convergence layer with a DCRS-5512GC 12-port Gigabit routing switches, access layer 24-Port Stackable Smart use of replacement DCS-3926S for the teachers and students to provide intelligent network access; DMZ zone using a Routing Switch DCRS-7504 core service area for the DMZ to provide high-speed data exchange group. The management of the network, using the Link Manager network management software running on the device and network management to visualize, through DCBI-3000 provides a secure and flexible access to certification services.

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