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Of course, in order to ensure the absolute security of the system, in addition to preventive measures and carry out safety checks, but also to develop an assurance system, network security, good habits. This is the time to do regularly complete data backup. With the complete data backup, in the attack or system failure can quickly restore the system NUMA systems used widely on the market, many manufacturers have successfully launched a server based on the NUMA architecture, this paper focuses on the current Linuxs NUMA technology, including: storage management, NUMA scheduling and user level API, and SGIs Altix 350 system, NUMA basic tests were carried out on the Linux NUMA technology research with the reference value.
Security experts are warning that the use of an unpatched Windows vulnerability publicly available computer code adds the possibility of the outbreak of large-scale attack. Symantec this week said in a security bulletin last weekend, at least 4 kinds of services using Windows DNS flaw in the code was posted to the Internet. Symantec to raise its ThreatCon to a second, which means that attacks the possibility of growth. The flaw affects Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003. Microsoft last week warned that have heard of "limited attacks" took place, but the malicious code to exploit the flaw has not been publicly released. Microsoft Security Response Center staffer, Christopher wrote in a blog post on Sunday, Microsoft is still under development patch, attacks are limited. He said that we have learned to exploit the flaw proof of concept malicious code has been published to the Internet. Microsoft recommends that affected users to take its offer temporary solutions.

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