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Part No. : 1N4731A
Description : Silicon Power Z-Diodes
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Vishay Siliconix
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MPLS Layer VPN, there are some problems. First, within the same VPN PE routers to reach all the CE devices must be the same line type, that is the same with frame relay or ATM, etc.. In addition, the use of such programs, customers must have a routing expertise, with its own maintenance VPN IV, the conclusion is based on next-generation network business-driven network, in which the VPN service is the best known of a potential business applications. Adopt a unified MPLS core network, network providers can provide traditional Internet access at the same time, well supported three-layer VPN and VPN services. For different customer needs, you can use different technical solutions. For example, large enterprises high security requirements, capital and technology are relatively strong, two-story-based MPLS VPN network will be the best choice, it can not only meet these user requirements for security, but also reduces the network and the workload of the user side, you can create any connections, has a good network scalability. SME customers can demand three MPLS-based VPN technology, the complex will be routed to the network provider to do the work, reducing maintenance costs. Network providers should be using the same network infrastructure to provide a flexible business needs of different customer groups. Virtual Private Network service is the most promising next-generation telecommunications businesses. Network based on MPLS VPN technology solution to achieve significant improvements in the defects of traditional IP network, while providing and Frame Relay / ATM network to ensure the security of the same, well adapted to the VPN service needs. MPLS VPN network model introduced and discussed in detail the second floor of the two networks based on MPLS VPN technology implementation plan, the final analysis the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
This server is a good redundancy lies in the following points: PE1950 series of standard 670-watt hot-swap power supplies, optional redundant hot-swappable 670 watt power supply. And automatically switching universal 110/220 volt, high-speed operation in the server at the same time, lasting for the entire system to provide sufficient power to ensure stable operation of the various parts of the hardware. This model high-end motherboard chipset is Intels S5000P, integrated RAID0, 1 mode card can support through the array RAID 5,6, can help companies back up important data, such as: product information, customer information, etc., in the main disk fails, or the case of retirement, you can restore all of the backup disk data.

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