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Part No. : 10358
Description : SICHERUNGSLACK 603 10ML
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Although the market has emerged in the 999 yuan price of the 8600GTS, but those products work, materials used for this product can not be compared with; and this card default rate up to 730/2260MHz, has become the current 8600GTS cards in the imperial, powerful performance also make outstanding performance; addition, XFX XFX also offers a new one year service, users do not have to worry about graphics corruption problems with the process. XFX XFX 8600GTS G84 based on the latest NVIDIA graphics core, based on the 80nm manufacturing process, it uses the DirectX 10 unified shader architecture specification, without the traditional concept of pipelines, unified as a single unit Steaming-Prozessoren. 8600GTS 32 Steaming-Prozessoren built processing unit, fully supports the new DirectX 10 and Shader Moder 4.0 technology.

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