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Part No. : 1.5KE82A
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : General Semiconductor
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In the busy, due to noise increases, the phenomenon of cell breathing occurs. FFER, Ec / Io and MTx are worse, but MRx was very good. Observed PMTrafBBHTrafficReport the following indicators can be found in 2G and 1x overload TCH channel unit, 2G, and 1x blocking the channel unit, Walsh code blocking and so on. Solution: balance the volume of business around the area; reduce soft switching, especially in pilot polluted areas; if busy Ec / Io is greater than-12dB, you can add MCC-CE board; appropriate increase in the number of Walsh codes can reduce Walsh obstruction; heavy cell should be resolved in the capacity planning stage, capacity planning district in the measurement of the threshold corresponding to the carrier PrimaryErlang.
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